About us

About us

Fuel Change is a social enterprise movement that taps into the potential of youth to help fight the climate crisis. We aim to unleash the underestimated skills and energy of Scotland’s next generation by partnering with educators and businesses to help solve their carbon challenges.


Building a green future by educating young people through delivering climate literacy and cultivating positive behaviours and skills that will allow them to thrive.

Foundations is an all-encompassing climate change education programme delivered directly across all subjects within the school curriculum via an effective and well considered range of core lessons. Additionally, working closely with partners, we support schools in creating a student-led programme of activities bespoke to them, to deliver credible climate- based actions.


Engaging the next generation to take credible action against climate change through harnessing their talent to solve low carbon challenges set by industry.

Through real low carbon challenges set by industry, the next generation becomes fully engaged in climate change through developing innovative, but practical, solutions. Working in teams, apprentices and graduate apprentices collaborate and develop new skills to demonstrate their talent in problem-solving and recognise their ability to take credible action.


Collaborating with key industry partners to develop and implement business-ready low-carbon solutions created through Fuel Change Challenges.

The Next Generation needs to feel empowered to tackle climate change. They must see their work progressing to the next level, where the relevant industry can recognise the benefits of their solutions. Projects focus on the implementation of the best solutions developed during the challenges programme.


A movement to collaborate and share how the next generation can positively support the behaviours necessary to create a sustainable future.

Through collaboration and sharing, the next generation can generate a bottom up movement of behavioural change, which transcends borders, social demographics and cultures. Networks is a global platform for positive alignment and support, which will identify both challenges and solutions with a critical mass to be influential.