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Aaron Doidge

My Fuel Change journey started back in June 2021 when I took part in the Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge alongside a group of my colleagues at Stantec UK. Since then, I’ve gone on to support Fuel Change on a number of fronts – most recently as a ‘Champion’ for the school’s pilot programme.

As a Graduate Planner, it was a great opportunity to connect with fellow developing professionals and graduates at Stantec. After a period of ideation, our team came up with an innovative concept to transform the industrial complex at Grangemouth into a net zero hub fit for the 21st century and beyond premised on the generation of green hydrogen from wastewater. Our idea was well received, so much so that we had the opportunity to present at COP26 in Glasgow – not once, but twice!

I wanted to become a Fuel Change Champion to help play my part in supporting the next generation to start thinking about the climate emergency, and how they are part of the solution.

I partnered with Preston Lodge in East Lothian – my former high school. It was fantastic to go back to my old school 5 years after leaving and see some familiar faces. Preston Lodge is a high school like no other. Community is at the heart of the school’s ethos and it’s fair to say I was welcomed back with open arms for the occasion.

Over the course of the 9-week pilot programme, I was fortunate to work with a great bunch of young people. There were three teams participating in the programme and each team took on a different low carbon challenge as set by Fuel Change’s industry partners.

At the end of the programme, the teams had the opportunity to present their cutting-edge idea to a panel of judges at an event to celebrate what they had achieved. I was mightily impressed by the creativity and confidence of the group – they certainly did themselves, Preston Lodge and their community justice!

I love being able to work and collaborate with others to come up with innovative ideas that tackle big problems. It was wonderful on this occasion to support and coach a group of enthusiastic young people with a genuine drive to make a difference. Never underestimate the untapped knowledge and skillsets of young people!

Becoming a Fuel Change Champion has afforded me the opportunity to develop my personal and professional skillsets. It has allowed me to further hone my soft skills, such as presenting, problem solving and teamworking.

100%. If you want to experience first-hand the creativity and ingenuity of the next generation in action, I encourage you to get involved with the fantastic work being done through Fuel Change!

If I could sum up my experience of being a Fuel Change Champion in three words, it would be: Motivating, Mentoring and Memorable.

Find out more about our Challenge programme here.