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We believe that everyone should have access to climate education, regardless of their subject choices.

As we focus on Scotland’s target of achieving Net Zero by 2045, our Next Generation must be armed with information about what action they can take to prepare them for a more sustainable future and the world of work. 

In this programme your students will take on real world climate challenges set by industry. Challenge for Education is a variation of the National and workplace programmes that has been adapted for an education setting, and there are two options for delivery depending on what works best for you.

Challenge for Education is designed to be completely off the shelf where all learning materials are provided by Fuel Change. Teaching staff therefore don’t need to become subject matter experts and can instead focus on facilitating the discussions between students. This takes away the pressure sometimes associated with taking on new courses.


For Your Organisation


Helps deliver on improvement priorities and outcome agreements linked to Developing the Young Workforce and sustained positive destinations.

Vehicle to deliver Scotland’s Professional Standards for Learning for Sustainability.

Interdisciplinary by nature.

Transformational partnerships with industry.

Vehicle for staff Career Long Professional Learning.

Supports the delivery of Just Transition.

Meta Skills Gained

For students, they will gain a broad insight into business, industry and job opportunities. They will gain meta skills development as identified in Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan (CSAP).

This includes:

Team Working

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Self- Awareness










Option 1

What is this?

An SCQF Level 6 accredited course.

Across the full academic year.

90 notional hours.

Option 2

What is this?

A non-accredited course.

Can be delivered as an insert into an existing curricular area or as a stand-alone project.

30 notional hours.

Both Options can be run for seniors in secondary schools or

National Certificate \ Higher National Certificate students.

Don’t believe us?

Listen from the teachers that believe and have experienced our Fuel Change Education Programme.

Gavin Clark


Preston Lodge High

Alison Thyne

Deputy Headteacher

Kings Park Secondary

Liam Mason

Geography and History Teacher

Falkirk High

Kelly Sanders

Climate education is not only important to help my learners understand the current global issues but also helps them develop skills, knowledge and values that are paramount to live in an uncertain future.

Kelly Sanders, Teacher of Science and Biology, Craigmount High School

Mairi Mckay

The fossil fuel industry has known about its enormous contribution to climate change since the 60s but has managed to continually drive up consumption through misinformation campaigns and lobbying. Embedding climate change education across the curriculum is one way to counter this, so that our young people may make informed choices and protect the world they are inheriting.

Dr Màiri McKay, Teacher of Mathematics, Queen Anne High School

Andrew Foggin

Quality Climate education is vital for Scotland's young people. With so much misinformation on social media and misconceptions being formed, giving young people the skills to deal with the biggest issue their generation will face is essential. We, at Earlston High School are also interested in helping young people the skills so they can organise and deliver projects which will have a positive impact on the Climate Emergency.

Andrew Foggin, Teacher of Chemistry and Principal Teacher of Leadership BGE, Earlston High School

Michelle McMullan

Here at St. Mungo’s, we fully believe in providing our young people with a climate change education which will give them knowledge to be able to make decisions that will allow them to play their part in tackling the crisis which we, and future generations are facing. Many of our young people are passionate about the issues we face and we have tried to respond to this in recent years by changing our courses to reflect these interests. Many departments around the school now address climate change in their lessons so that our young people can see and understand that this is an issue which is so much bigger than being the responsibility of certain subjects. We are delighted to be a Fuel Change pilot school.

Mrs Michelle McMullan, Faculty Head of Social Subjects, St Mungos High School

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