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Through real low-carbon challenges set by key industry partners, our Next Generation can become fully engaged in climate change by developing innovative but practical solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

On the Challenge Programme, real world decarbonisation problems are set by companies or industry for the next generation to work on. We take them through three ‘sprints’ where they research the problem, create potential solutions and present their findings.

A 16 week programme for 16-24 year olds, participants will develop skills in: innovation, problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking and resilience, all whilst building their knowledge and practical understanding of sustainability.


For your organisation:

Talent retention through empowering and developing your people

Identification of ‘hidden talent’ in business

Increase commercial awareness and how that relates to sustainability

Bottom-up drive to create momentum around your sustainability plan

External demonstration of positively addressing decarbonisation

For your workforce:

Recognition and exposure in the organisation

New capabilities and personal development around key workplace skills

Education and understanding of sustainability in the context of industry

Learn from experienced industry professionals

Building relationships within and across organisations




A once year event, where teams from all sectors across the UK, come together to work on challenges set by industry.




A sector exclusive event, where teams from across the UK, come together to work on challenges set by the Spotlight Sponsor.




Teams come together from within your organisation to work on your company’s sustainability challenges.

Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge

Fuel Change has been a novel and very rewarding experience for the team at FUJIFILM Ink Solutions Group. It has enabled a greater understanding of climate change generally, influencing our own sustainability path and allowing us to connect with local community climate change initiatives. It has also provided us with a tool for close working with our students and graduates, facilitating their growth and engagement with the UK wide company as a whole.

Wendy Boyd, FUJIFILM Ink Solutions