Engaging the next generation to take credible action against climate change through harnessing their talent to solve low carbon challenges set by industry.

The Fuel Change Challenge provides a platform for the next generation to become truly engaged in considering climate-related implications. The method inspires them to develop real low carbon solutions to challenges set by industry which can then be adapted and implemented to help transform their industries.

By participating in the challenge, teams of apprentices and graduates aged 16-24 will work together to solve Net Zero challenges by exploring the creative process and developing innovative ideas. The programme aims to support Scotland’s goals of reaching Net Zero by 2045 by enhancing the skills and knowledge of our future workforce.

Teams will work through a series of three sprints, lasting around four months and will require two hours of work per week. The Fuel Change team will be available for support throughout Sprint 1 and 2, with a dedicated mentor being introduced towards the end of Sprint 2 to help the teams refine their solution in Sprint 3.

The benefits:

For employers:

– Nurture talent within your organisation
– Support Scotland’s Net Zero targets
– Enhance your company profile
– Identify jobs of the future to develop your workforce
– Reduce carbon emissions

For apprentices and graduates:

– Opportunity to make a difference
– Demonstrate your skills and talent
– Develop awareness of climate change
– Learn to collaborate and share ideas
– Network and build connections

The Sky News Daily Climate Show

Bethany Watson – an apprentice at BAE Systems – took part in Challenge 1, and she recently talked about her Fuel Change experience and her team’s solution on the Daily Climate Show. Since taking part in the challenge, Bethany and her team have continued to develop their idea to use materials from decommissioned aircrafts to create small vertical wind turbines.

Interview starts at 12.39