Fuel Change Foundations


Building a green future by educating young people through delivering climate literacy and cultivating positive behaviours and skills that will allow them to thrive.

Fuel Change Foundations will provide a holistic approach to climate change literacy within the curriculum. The programme will provide the next generation with the knowledge and experience to help Scotland reach its target of Net Zero by 2045.

‘The Core’ will be consistent across all schools, creating a unified education for all participants and uniting a global force to tackle climate change through desirable habit cultivation. ‘The Core’ is embedded into all areas of the curriculum at school, meaning that all pupils will have access to this education – this is not an elective.

‘The Wheel’ represents the practical application of what is learned through ‘The Core’ through action-based learning. Fuel Change have developed a suite of actions and challenges that can be implemented into any school context. These actions and challenges are based on improving the climate footprint of the school and surrounding community. Through the Senior Phase Challenge, students are tasked with addressing how their school can become Net Zero and will receive support on their own unique journey. Students and schools will receive awards for positive outcomes and implementation of Net Zero solutions.


  • Comprehensive climate literacy programme that is infused in the current curriculum 
  • Providing opportunities for students to develop META skills through projects and action-based learning 
  • Improves understanding of Green Jobs and Green Economy 
  • Encourages positive destinations 
  • Linked to the 17UN Sustainable Development Goals providing provides a vehicle for Learning for Sustainability

Fuel Change has partnered with teachers at Larbert High School and The Pond Foundation’s “My Carbon Zero” initiative to develop the Foundations Programme.

Together, we believe that we can create behavioural change in our young people through early habit formation and education. The Foundations programme aims to provide core climate education to pupils from 1st to 4th year as well as embedding climate literacy into every existing subject within the curriculum. These core educational elements will bring the problem of climate change into the here and now, making the importance of climate change as regularly emphasised as the importance of literacy and numeracy.