Fuel Change partner with Larbert High School as part of climate curriculum focus

Fuel Change have created a partnership with Larbert High School as they strive to infuse carbon literacy into the curriculum.

The ‘My Carbon Zero’ (MCZ) programme delivered by Fuel Change, aims to encourage behavioural change among  pupils to tackle the climate emergency.

The purpose of the programme is to help individuals make informed choices in all aspects of life, such as energy, transport, food, and waste. It will also encourage a new entrepreneurial approach with students creating solutions to sell to the world.

Following on from this pilot programme with Larbert High School, MCZ and Fuel Change hope to partner with many schools, both  in Scotland and around the world, to help the next generation shift behaviours towards low carbon living with social, economic and environmental benefits for all.

Fuel Change’, founded by David Reid, and Switzerland-based Pond Foundation’s ‘My Carbon Zero’ initiative, are two of the main foundation stones to establish the new concept among the pupils.

As well as taking part in the MCZ project, Larbert High School are also entering two teams in the latest Fuel Change Challenge – to develop practical solutions to real carbon challenges.

The main aim of the Challenge – currently on its second year – is to hit the target of a low carbon Scotland and create real, practical solutions which can not only be implemented by the partner companies, but potentially be implemented across the world and make a real difference to climate change. Another aim of the project now includes the subsequent identification of new skills and jobs for the future, which will be needed as a result of the new initiatives that are implemented by industry.

The Pond Foundation’s MCZ initiative aims to tackle climate change by democratising credible climate action and inspiring people in their own journey to net zero. Alongside their education work with schools, they support companies and individuals with accessible carbon accounting, investing and solutions for a low-carbon future.

In this new and exciting initiative, staff, pupils and the wider school community will learn the knowledge and acquire the tools to ingrain a positive new outlook on the climate emergency. The aim is to create a generation able to contribute towards a green and sustainable future in which Scotland will lead the world. 

This new approach will take the form of three dedicated learning programmes, in addition to infusing awareness across the curriculum. 

All S1 pupils will follow a ‘Climate Emergency’ unit of work throughout the summer term in which they will investigate the climate crisis from every angle – its history, ethics, politics and geography. Young students will therefore have an extremely solid base for all their subsequent engagement with the programme in the years ahead.

In addition, all year groups will take part in lessons exploring the climate emergency over a term. This will include the causes and impacts of climate change, as well as solutions they can implement now and in the future. Pupils will also be given the skills to debate with and persuade others including politicians and businesses.

In August, the school will launch a family learning programme to encourage participation in the wider community. This will help families support their young people to make informed decisions about a sustainable future where all have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the green economy. This will have the possibility of being delivered in a digital format so that it can go out to parents regardless of Covid restrictions.

The impact of the programme will be measured through regular audits of pupils’ carbon footprints. This will help students understand sources of carbon emissions and what they can do themselves and in partnership with others, to reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

As part of the MCZ initiative they will form more transformative partnerships with organisations and businesses that have the Climate Emergency as a priority or part of their strategic targets. This will help students become more equipped to help Scotland lead the way in this opportunity to address the climate emergency.  

Overall, MCZ and Fuel Change hope to inspire the Larbert High community to understand what they can each do on their own ‘My Carbon Zero’ journey.

Head Teacher Jon Reid said: “We’ve moved from a Climate Challenge to a Climate Emergency and it’s important that everyone realises that now is the time to take action and do their bit.  

“‘My Carbon Zero’ together with Fuel Change provides an important response to the emergency and is the vehicle for informing and influencing generations of our young people. As adults we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend that ‘it’s not our problem’. As educators we have the opportunity to empower young people with the skills, knowledge and expertise to change not only their own habits, but to persuade other generations that, indeed, it is everyone’s problem.

“We are delighted to be involved in this ground-breaking initiative, there’s no better place to start than with the leaders of tomorrow. We hope that the reach of ‘My Carbon Zero’ will be far and wide and we are committed to making a difference.”

David Reid, Chief Executive of Fuel Change, said: “We are delighted that Larbert High School are taking climate change so seriously and I am sure this new initiative will be an inspiration to schools throughout Scotland. Many senior school pupils move on to become apprentices and with the influence of forward thinking and progressive schooling behind them they can transfer seamlessly into creating the low carbon solutions that the Fuel Change Programme are convinced will propel Scotland towards its Net Zero targets. A big well done to Larbert High School!”

If you’re interested in finding out how your school can get involved in ‘My Carbon Zero’, please contact David Reid at hello@fuelchange.co.uk.