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Booth Welsh Challenge: Sprint 1

In June we launched our first in house Workplace Challenge with Booth Welsh , a partner who has continuously supported our vision to truly engage the Next Generation to achieve a positive transition to Net Zero. Lasting for 16 weeks, the programme has tasked the young people involved with creating a solution to a real business problem set by Booth Welsh.

For their challenge, Booth Welsh have chosen to focus on energy use, an area that is currently having a major impact on all businesses. Whilst the challenge revolves around this real business problem, the programme also teaches the participants valuable skills in areas such teamwork, innovation and sustainability

“We’re involved with Fuel Change as we’re always working on ways in which we can operate as a more planet positive business and deliver our mission of ‘through collaboration we can engineer a better future”.

Aimee Doole, senior leader at Booth Welsh.

Sprint 1 of the Booth Welsh Challenge has centred on establishing team dynamics and building a deeper understanding of the challenge question. To do this, the team have delved into researching the roots of the problem to identify what the underlying issues are driving this. Moreover, they also had the opportunity to reach out and discuss these issues with other members of the organisation. This collaborative aspect of the programme has not only helped the team to meet new people but is also building a foundation for establishing new connections and even greater integration throughout the company.

Fraser Currie (programme participant) said:

“One of the best things so far has been the people side of it. It’s not normal in most workplaces to get the chance to take time away from the desk to collaborate with others, and it’s been good to meet other people that I probably wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for Fuel Change”.

This week at the end of Sprint 1, the team presented their findings to Managing Director, Martin Welsh, and received ecstatic feedback on their work so far. The team highlighted how there was a fragmented understanding across staff on how to address climate issues with business, adding that it can be a tricky topic to tackle due to workload and time constraints within an organisation.

It was addressed that this challenge can lay out a foundation on how to strategically drive change within the business from the bottom up, and make it a lot easier to engage employees with tackling the bigger problems faced by their workplace.

Aimee touched on Booth Welsh’s current actions on setting this foundation:

I think a lot that’s about changing mindsets across the business, mobilising workforce to think differently and to think about playing their role and helping us with our sustainability strategy at work and at home.

We’ve done a lot in that area particularly around carbon accounting recently and connecting with the next zero nation community and just opening up to sharing and being open minded about best practise around how we can help each other, how we can accelerate our own journey and then within time being able to support a supply chain to take next steps in that direction as well.The team on the Fuel Change Challenge Programme have been exploring energy use within the organisation and how we can optimise it to become even more efficient with our approach going forward.”

Martin urged the team to continue on building employee rapport with others in the organisation, and reassured them that he was there to support them if they are unsure of who to speak to. It was important to highlight in this sprint that building connections between the Next Generation in Booth Welsh with their senior staff can bring to light new ideas and outlooks on the company, and can make a big impression.

Sprint 1 has proved to be immensely effective as it sparked further discussion on other issues that could be tackled within the business and further staff collaboration after the challenge. It has provoked thoughts that in realisation, businesses can do a lot more to tackle climate change and hit Net Zero targets.

Booth Welsh are truly grasping the positive opportunities that the transition to Net Zero holds, and helping their young workforce to unleash their full potential in doing so. They have already taken significant steps to prove that anything is possible when the perspectives of the Next Generation are joined with the experience of senior leadership. We can’t wait to see how the team at Booth Welsh continue to uphold these values throughout programmes and spark more organisations to follow in their footsteps and take action.