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Earlier this year, Fuel Change launched our 9-week pilot Challenge for Schools programme with teams of school pupils tasked with solving big carbon problems faced by four major industries.

Pilot Challenge for Schools Programme

Earlier this year, we launched our 9-week pilot Challenge for Schools programme, with 5 Schools across Scotland taking part: Aberdeen Grammar, Preston Lodge, Braes High, Kings Park and Craigmount High. The teams of school pupils were tasked with solving the big carbon problems faced by four major industries: fashion, water and the natural environment, automobiles, and agriculture.

We saw some truly innovative solutions from the pupils and were blown away by what they managed to achieve in just nine weeks. The final presentations for four of our schools have now taken place. We only have one left to go, thanks to the incredible support from our industry judges from IGS, Arnold Clark, IBioIC, Intelligent Plant, and Arkdefo. The pupils walked away from these sessions feeling proud of their achievements due to the judges’ insightful feedback. Their comments provided the students with greater confidence in their abilities and ideas. We are sure that this will significantly benefit all of them as they move on throughout their education and beyond.

The success of the Challenge for Schools programme would also not have been possible without the teachers who embraced this new education initiative and our Fuel Change ‘Champions’. Our Champions are individuals who have been through our Challenge process previously and are now volunteering their time to inspire another generation. Both embraced the Challenge with overwhelming enthusiasm and positivity, and we’re looking forward to working with them all again.

We are moving towards getting our full year-long programme accredited, and this will then be rolled out in August 2022, with over 20 schools taking part. The programme aims to not only educate young people about some of the significant problems we face on our path to Net Zero but also how we can create solutions through embracing our strengths and working more effectively together. We can’t wait to see how the programme will benefit these pupils and inspire other nations to follow in the footsteps of Scotland’s young people.