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About Us
About Us

Fuel Change is taking the lead, igniting the promises made at COP-26 to create a movement from the ‘ground-up’ led by the skills and energy of our Next Generation.

There has been a deafening silence since the COP Circus left town. We’re filling the void with the loud voices of Apprentices and graduates who are sparking action in workplaces across Scotland!

Hear them and be inspired.



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Building a green future by educating young people through delivering climate literacy and cultivating positive behaviours and skills that will allow them to thrive.
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Engaging the next generation to take credible action against climate change through harnessing their talent to solve low carbon challenges set by industry.
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Collaborating with key industry partners to develop and implement business-ready low-carbon solutions created through Fuel Change Challenges.
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A movement to collaborate and share how the next generation can positively support the behaviours necessary to create a sustainable future.

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