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About Us
About Us

At Fuel Change we engage the next generation within the workforce to drive a positive transition to net zero.

Too many organisations see net zero as important but not urgent; as a cost rather than an opportunity. But the next generation are increasingly voting with their feet. They want prosperity with a purpose, and they want to work for organisations who think the same way. By unleashing this talent, often hidden talent, sustainability can become a force for good, organisations can thrive, businesses can become better.

Our unique Fuel Change Challenge programme tasks the next generation to find the solutions. The Workplace Challenge, the College Challenge and the Schools Challenge invite the participants to take on a real-world climate challenge, collaborate on a solution, and present it. Everyday businesses and the next generation who power them don’t want to stop the world and get off. Fuel Change is helping them change the world so they can stay on.

Future generations will have the opportunity and ability to live in a sustainable, economically prosperous world.



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Challenge for Education

Building a green future by educating young people through delivering climate literacy and cultivating positive behaviours and skills that will allow them to thrive.
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Challenge for Workplace

Engaging the next generation to take credible action against climate change through harnessing their talent to solve low carbon challenges set by industry.
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Collaborating with key industry partners to develop and implement business-ready low-carbon solutions created through Fuel Change Challenges.
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A movement to collaborate and share how the next generation can positively support the behaviours necessary to create a sustainable future.


David Reid

Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Tempany

Chief Operating Officer

Alice Pezzani

Marketing & Communications Officer

Andrew Barnes

Project Co-ordinator

Anna Bell

Programme Co-ordinator

Derek Hunter

Business Manager

Gavin Tweedie

Director of Commercial Operations

Jazmine McClure

Marketing & Communications Officer

Joseph Trodden

Programme Manager

Sarah Gibbens

Programme Co-ordinator

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