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Climate change needs more action and less talk.

At Fuel Change, we believe that the Next Generation needs to feel empowered about turning innovative ideas created through our Challenge programme into real-life solutions.

Hear from our Fuel Change Champions about their solutions and experiences…


I’m a Project Management Apprentice for BAE Systems and I took part in the first Fuel Change Challenge.

I got involved with Fuel Change because it was a very exciting and worthwhile initiative. It was a great opportunity for me to work on a different project out with my company’s usual project portfolio and co-lead on a project, and gain valuable experience early within my career.

Ellis Folan


I’m an Instrumental and Electrical Technician for Petroineos and I took part in the Grangemouth Net Zero Challenge.

I got involved in Fuel Change as I felt it was a great opportunity to learn more about the issues around climate change and to investigate how personally and as an employee of the refinery, we might make improvements. It was also something completely different to my normal day job.

Andrew Wilson