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Creating a carbon-neutral future for the next generation – designed by the next generation.


Fuel Change is a social enterprise movement, which taps into the potential of youth to help fight the climate crisis. We unleash the underestimated skills and energy of Scotland’s youth by partnering with educators and businesses to help solve their carbon challenges.

We launched our inaugural Challenge in August 2020 amid the pandemic. Initially, we thought our next generation were engaged and ready to tackle climate change; we just needed to give them a platform. In reality, we were wrong. A vast number of our future workforce thought it was someone else’s problem to fix.

In its short life, Fuel Change has already proven that if we ignite the spark, the next generation becomes fully engaged. They involve themselves in other initiatives and, above all, start to shift their own choices and behaviours – and positively influence others.

Who we work with

apprentices and graduates

school pupils nationally


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Building a green future by educating young people through delivering climate literacy and cultivating positive behaviours and skills that will allow them to thrive.
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Engaging the next generation to take credible action against climate change through harnessing their talent to solve low carbon challenges set by industry.
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Collaborating with key industry partners to develop and implement business-ready low-carbon solutions created through Fuel Change Challenges.
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A movement to collaborate and share how the next generation can positively support the behaviours necessary to create a sustainable future.
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