Next challenge starts 26 April 2021...It's time to Fuel Change!

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The opportunity

Find out more about our Fuel Change Journey from our Apprentices and Project Partner SP Energy Networks.

Created in collaboration with several Scottish colleges, Fuel change provides a unique opportunity for apprentices to answer one of the world’s most pressing questions.

This is their chance to make a real difference….

We know the answers to the issues affecting our planet are only going to come from one place, you. Young and talented individuals need to be given an opportunity to collaborate and innovate together.

Four of Scotland’s Innovation Centres have partnered with Fuel Change to set the challenges that will requirer only one type of answer — a low carbon one.

An engineer replacing a testing a faulty computer part


Fuel change includes three sprints and lasts around six months.

Sprint 1

Review and select challenge.

Sprint 2

Develop concepts and explore the creative process.

Sprint 3

Finalise concepts and showcase solutions.

Fuel Change is supported by employers, national agencies and a number of Scotland’s Innovation Centres.

Fuel Change

Now is the time to act.